March 13, 2010



Primer is one of the most impressive films that I’ve ever seen.  It is the headiest film when it comes to time travel and it takes a couple of of watchings to understand what is going on and it was also put together on a shoe string budget.

Shane Carruth is the man who made this film, literally.  He stars in it, he directed it, he wrote it, he edited it, he did everything with this film.  His budget for the film was $7000.  He didn’t have money to spend on the film, so the ratio of what was shot to what was used was 2:1.    I can’t give you a comparative number, but just from what I’ve filmed before, I’ve probably shot a ratio of 10:1.

The story is about time traveling.  That is the best way to put it.  I’ve seen this film four of five times and every time there is something new that I see in it or finally realize.  It jumps wonderfully from people accidentally inventing a time machine to using that machine for their advantage and everything then spirals out of control as they use it.  I don’t want to explain more simply because it is such a good story and so complex that if I were to write out more of what it was, I would end up giving away the whole story.

Visually you can tell that it wasn’t shot with an expensive crew like your normal film.  But the story is so raw, which is odd since it is so complex, that it works because the shots aren’t as grand as other films, but it just simply tells the story.  There isn’t a ton of post production, if any, done on the shots so the images you see look very natural which helps create the realistic feel which helps for a time travel film instead of making it something so grand and fanciful.

This film is just very hard to describe.  I don’t know if I have done it justice simply because it is such a heady film.  If I were to try and explain it more I’d either do it less justice or I’d give away way more information on the story then I’d want to.  This is definitely a brilliantly well done film.

Entertainment Grade: A-

Critical Grade: A

Overall Grade: A+



  1. This sounds interesting to me. Do you have it on dvd?

    It’ll be interesting to see how it stacks up to the new time travel movie: Hot Tub Time Machine!

    • I wish that I did, it is pretty obscure, so no places like Target have it, and I’ve yet to stumble across it as a used place.

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