March 17, 2010



I decided to go with a different type of film today.  Of those that I’ve reviewed, with the exception of The Crazies (1972), I’d consider buying any of them and I own one of them.  So instead I’m reviewing a film that I’ve seen, I might watch again, but I’d never consider buying.

This film starts off with some potential.  The trailer definitely gave you an idea about what this film was going to cover, but the idea looked intriguing.  Plus, I’ll check out Nicolas Cage films just to see him try to act.

The premise of the film is a pretty simple one from the outlook of it.  Nicolas Cage plays a Professor whose son’s elementary school is digging up a time capsule from fifty years before.  His son gets a piece of paper with a bunch of random numbers listed on it from the capsule.  And from there the story starts as Nicolas Cage’s character tries to figure out what the numbers mean and somehow realizes that they correspond to major catastrophes throughout history.  His next concern jumps to what happens when the last one comes true, as it is the population of the earth.  It then breaks off in a completely random direction going with his son and the daughter of a friend of Cage’s character that he makes in the movie.  After that it just becomes a muddled mess of things as they try and throw in a big surprise twist that just ends up coming off as absurd and wrong for the tone that was set in the film.

Cages performance isn’t anything to write home about.  He give a humdrum performance and as the main character who dominates the screen time any other better performances really wouldn’t have helped.  Unfortunately for this film, the rest of the cast doesn’t try all that much harder and there are no characters that really stick in your head.

The biggest redeeming quality of this film is the limited disasters that you do see.  They are well done, but nothing more then you’d expect from a film with the budget that this one had.  And visually it isn’t enough to redeem the poor acting and the erratic plot that they try and shove down your throat.  This film has B cult classic written all over it in about 15 years time when the visuals have gotten better and therefore these seem a little hokey.

This film just couldn’t hold together the little good that it had at the beginning.  It doesn’t go big enough for most end of the world/disaster movies and isn’t smart enough and well thought out enough for your typical Sci-Fi film.  Maybe with more development of the story it would have saved itself from the mess that it became.

Entertainment Grade: C-

Critical Grade: D

Overall Grade: D



  1. Ebert loved this movie. funny, huh?

    • Ebert has a major man crush on Nicolas Cage, so I think that explains some.

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