March 21, 2010


This unconventional romance touches the heart and avoids getting watered down in the propaganda it could have tried to push and carefully skirted around.  It shows that a story can be told without a whole bunch of talking.

This is what I would qualify as Pixar’s masterpiece.  The story is so simply put together.  When it boils down to it, it is a simple story of love between Wall-E and Eve.  A little lonely robot finds love with Eve and then the wonderful adventure to save humanity and to be next to each other goes into full swing.  There doesn’t have to be much dialog because it is all really well explained as the story progresses and visually it is obvious as to what the story is doing.  And it doesn’t try and have any big twists but keeps it simple and straight forward.  Andrew Stanton and Pete Docter did a wonderful job creating this story.

Visually it is a very well done Pixar film.  All of Pixar’s works are really well done visually with a high level of detail.  But they develop a wonderful world for this film.  It is detailed but it doesn’t reach the point where it distracts from the story that it is trying to tell.  Andrew Stanton does a good job creating this visual aspect of the story which he directed.  There are scenes that are massively impressive with them floating or flying through the expanses of space and then there are scenes that are tightly wound together such as Wall-E’s “house” on earth and all the little trinkets that he has saved.

The one thing that I can say negatively about this film is the green message that it tries to slip in.  They do a good job of not letting it overpower the film and overpower the love story between Wall-E and Eve.  It does at times slow down the story and trip it up a little bit.  The romance itself was strong enough that it didn’t need the green aspect, but it is fairly normal for films to have some sort of message that they want to get across and as long as it doesn’t dominate the story or force people to focus on that aspect, it isn’t all that bad.

This film just comes together into a nice little package.  The story is one of the best original screenplays that has come out in a long time.  It doesn’t try to be too much.  And visually the storytelling matches the feel which the story leads out with.

Entertainment Value: A

Critical Value: A-

Overall Value: A


One comment

  1. I couldn’t agree more! All of Pixar films have been really solid but this one by far took the cake. To even do a film for “children” ( which Wall-E and all of Pixar films arn’t) where the two leads don’t talk is a daunting task and they pulled it off my introducing us to one of the most endearing couples. Wall-E and Eve communicate so much through so little.
    I agree also on it’s message .Actually I never really noticed it, perhaps because it DOESN’T overpower you as you pointed out. When I described the movie “Avatar” to my sister she said, ” Oh, so it’s like Wall-E for big people?” All I could think is… no…no, it’s not.

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