March 29, 2010


Another one of Pixar’s great films.  It is an entertaining story that is really touching at the very beginning of the film and then jumps into its zany adventure.  Pixar makes another masterpiece of a children’s film that is enjoyable for all.

The story is about a boy who wants to grow up for be an adventurer like the famous Charles Muntz.  Carl Fredrickson finds a kindred spirit in Ellie.  As little kids, they have their adventures and plan their grand adventure to move to Paradise Falls, where Charles Muntz went off on his last grand adventure after people had thought that he had become a fraud.  Carl and Ellie grow up and fall in love.  They get married and their plan of adventure keeping on getting put off longer and longer, until Ellie passes away.  Carl is eventually going to get moved nursing home, so instead he fills up a few thousand helium balloons and takes off in his house for Paradise Falls.  He finds that he has a visitor on his porch, Russell, a young wilderness explorer.  Then they have a series of misadventures and find the famed explorer Charles Muntz and meet up with some other fun characters.

The voice talent in this film is very good.  Christopher Plummer makes a very good Charles Muntz.  Ed Asner does the voice of Carl Fredrickson and does it extremely well.  He plays a great old gentleman.  Jordan Nagai does the voice of Russell.  The other voice of note is that of Doug the dog played by Bob Peterson.  He has some of the best lines and I must say, Peter Doctor and Bob Peterson, the writers of the story do a great job of writing lines that a dog would be thinking, which isn’t all that much and is very simple.  The voice talent is a lot of fun and they do a great job.

Visually it is as entertaining as Wall-E.  It has many of the same larger shots as other Pixar films.  But Pixar always works so hard on their films, and the style of animation is simply brilliant.  They put in so much detail into their films, and while it isn’t as absurdly detailed as some animated films or characters, it is very entertaining and good for what they are doing.  The stories don’t need to be extremely detailed as the stories aren’t extremely detailed, and they are really meant to be children’s films, that doesn’t mean that they don’t have good stories that adults will enjoy, but they don’t try and confuse people.

Overall this is another great Pixar film.  It isn’t in their top three, for me, but it is very entertaining.  The story is simple and it was well deserving for the Best Animated Feature win at the Oscars, and the nomination for Best Picture.  With all the films that have been put out by Pixar, they don’t disappoint and I look forward to the next Pixar film that comes out.

Entertainment Grade: B+

Critical Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-


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