The Mutant Chronicles

April 2, 2010

The Mutant Chronicles
The Mutant Chronicles

This is a fun action sort of film based loosely off of a video game.  It is better then most video game based films and there is some acting talent in this film.  It is a fun romp of sorts, and the acting talent is surprisingly big named, even though the performances aren’t anything to write home about.

The idea of the film is that, in the future, there are only a limited number of controlling powers, which are constantly at war.  At some point in time “The Machine” was unearthed and the seal broken on it.  This then unleashes the mutants onto the earth, and a crack team goes to try and seal it as the mutants take over humanity, capturing the humans and changing them.  A team, basically on a suicide mission, goes to try and destroy “The Machine” and they meet many “puzzles” and traps on their way as they make their way to the heart of “The Machine”.  It is a pretty straight forward plot, no major twists, but it is an entertaining plot, and for being based on a video game, the fact it has a real plot is pretty impressive.  It also does a good job blending the business factions and religious factions and political factions.

The acting is what kind of surprises you when you see this film.  A film that stars Ron Perlman, Thomas Jane, and John Malkovich you’d probably peg for an action sort of film, but not this type.  The performances aren’t anything special, but because they do have acting talent between them, it isn’t nearly as shoddy as you see in your typical video game adaptation, and it helps that Uwe Boll didn’t direct it as well.  Devon Aoki does a decent job in her role and definitely adds a pretty face to the film.  Other then that, the names in the film aren’t all that big, but to have three pretty big names that can draw in some people just by themselves, is impressive for this type of film.

Visually Simon Hunter does a solid job with this film.  Much of the film is shot underground, where “The Machine” is hidden and that means that it is very dark throughout, but it is a post apocalyptic sort of world, so that works because even above ground it isn’t all that bright.  The CGI for “The Machine”, etc. is solid.  It won’t blow you away, but it doesn’t distract from the film.  Basically, it just works for the film, whether it is the CGI or the visuals in general.  It has a very gloomy feel, and being that you know it is based on a video game and has very few twists you can probably guess how it ends, but the gloominess works throughout the film and works with the story.

It is just a fun sort of film.  Critically it isn’t all that impressive, but that doesn’t matter all that much.  What matters is that you can just watch this film, turn you mind off, and enjoy it.  it also doesn’t have anything to distract you from the film, it is just straight forward with solid visuals and acting, normally the acting is so bad that you can’t enjoy this sort of film at all (Bloodrayne, Postal, Doom, and Alone in the Dark).

Entertainment Grade: B

Critical Grade: D

Overall Grade: C


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