Love Actually

April 5, 2010

Love Actually

Love Actually

The greatest romantic comedy of all time, or at least my favorite.    It has a star studded cast that works wonderfully in this film, it is just smart enough and edgy enough in its comedy.  What is impressive about this film, besides the cast, is how it blends so many stories together.

The story is very improbable, there are at least six or seven love stories going on at once, and they work out very well.  It starts so many simple love stories some at weddings, some in Wisconsin, some at a lake cabin, and some in the office of the Prime Minister.  They are all little absurd stories, but they all really show off a little different type of love stories.  There are loves rekindled, new loves, loves going across languages and countries.  It has a lot of heart, which it needs for a romantic comedy, and a lot of good subtle humor.  A lot of little jokes pop into the film, and there are many absurd situations, and while the culmination is extremely unlikely, but that is par for a course for a romantic comedies.

The talent in this film is impressive.  You look at the top of the IMDB page, and you just see a long list of British stars.  Bill Nighy plays an eccentric pop rocker past his prime.  Colin Firth plays a writer who finds out that his lover is cheating on him and then falls in love again.  Alan Rickman plays a father who has potentially lost his way.  Emma Thompson plays Rickman’s wife.  Liam Neeson plays a relatively recently widowed husband with a young kid.  Hugh Grant plays The Prime Minister and a fairly odd one at that.  Keira Knightley plays a young married woman.  Even the smaller named actors and actresses do a great job.  Often times in films with half this star power have all the stars stepping all over each other, but the stories are kept separate enough that no one treads on the other actors and actresses.

Richard Curtis both wrote and directed this film.  He does a good job in this film and it is impressive since it is the first film that he directed.  It is beautifully done and put together and visually entertaining.  It is set around Christmas and it is very vibrant in how it is shown.  Christmas is always very bright, with all the red and green.  He probably should direct more films, even though his talent is probably more on the end of writing as compared to directing, he is much better.

This is a fun romantic comedy film, and it comes together pretty nicely.  The story is good, and comedy is good, and the romance is good.  I personally believe that a lot of guys have a soft spot for romantic comedies that no one talks about.  This is the only romantic comedy that I’ve ever seen where guys talk about liking it as much if not more then I’ve heard girls talking about it.

Entertainment Grade: A

Critical Grade: B+

Overall Grade: A-


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