April 8, 2010



This is a pretty typical rather raunchy teen comedy that does a little more.  It is hard to know exactly what it does, it doesn’t rely on nudity, which helps, it has some pretty inventive jokes, which helps, and you actually like the characters, which helps, but looking at it as a whole, I’m not sure what makes it so much better then say, your typical Will Ferrell film.  I’ll try and figure that out as I go along.

The story is of three high school misfits who are graduating shortly and about ready to go off on their own.  And what do high school misfits normally want?  Sex or at least to date a girl.  That is one thing that works in this film, it isn’t about getting laid, which can be humorous in and of itself, but has already been done so many times before.  Sure, there is a lot of desire for getting laid, but the story doesn’t go by the normal script of sex, sex, sex joke, other high school students having sex, sex, and so on.  This film is more about the friend ship of the guys.  They find out about a party and are given the task of getting alcohol for the party, since Foggell (aka. McLovin) is getting a fake ID.  This ends up turning into a mess that just continues to spiral out of control.  The boys struggle to get to the party and get the booze there with them.  And things don’t end up that night as they had hoped for, but as in your typical teen film, they do come together in the end.

The acting in this film is pretty solid.  Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse play the three friends and play really nicely off of each other.  Hill plays the loud obnoxious sex driven character, Cera his normal awkward teenager, and Mintz-Plasse the somewhat socially awkward one who doesn’t have as much of a filter as he should.  The supporting cast is very solid as well, as it is in most Judd Apatow films.  Seth Rogen (one of the co-writers) and Bill Hader play great cops.  Emma Stone, Aviva, Martha MacIsaac play the girls that each of the boys have their crush on and this is a film that kind of launched Emma Stone who is a very solid actress.  It isn’t a cast that would have won any awards for their acting, but they work out well in this type of film.

Visually it is entertaining and the sound track behind the film is very good and goes well with the story.  The shots keep the story moving and the scenes are quite absurd a lot of the time.

What I’ve figured out as I’ve been thinking about this is that the story blends the amount of raunchiness wonderfully with the heart of the characters that are shown by Hill, Cera, Stone, MacIsaac, and Mintz-Plasse.  The characters are much better developed then most of the films of this ilk.  Judd Apatow knows how to pick the films that he produces.  I must say that I’m a little shocked by how good the story is because of the fact that Rogen wrote it.

Entertainment Grade: B+

Critical Grade: A-

Overall Grade: A-


One comment

  1. “Superbad” is one of the funniest and best buddy/coming-of-age comedies I’ve seen in a long, long time. The Jonah Hill/Michael Cera pairing is pure genius because their comedy styles, although totally different, work swimmingly together. Don’t even get me started on Mintz-Plasse as McLovin, the wannabe Irish R&B singer. B-E-A-Utiful.

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