April 13, 2010



An intentionally mind bending film that doesn’t live up to films such as Dark City and The Matrix.  It has an engaging story and ends up being pretty confusing once it gets down to it.  David Cronenberg has made a lot of good films and this wouldn’t be one of the greatest in most peoples opinions, but it is very good and enjoyable.

The story is about a video game called eXistenZ created by a protegee named Allegra Gellar, played by Jennifer Jason Leigh.  The game is different then your typical video game in that it is a virtual reality.  It is played by multiple people and they are propelled into the world of eXistenZ.  Jude Law plays the next big character in this film who works opposite of Allegra Gellar, Ted Pikul.  He rescues her after something goes wrong with the system.  And they launch into a chase to keep the system safe and find out what is wrong with the system.  There are a whole lot of twists in this film and it is definitely worth checking out to see how it ends.

The acting in this film is solid.  Jude Law does a solid job as always in his performance and Jennifer Jason Leigh gives a good performance as well.  There is a fair amount of other talent in this film.  Willem Dafoe does a good job in this film.  Ian Holm and Christopher Eccleston also show up in the film as well.  They are solid performances as well, but Law and Leigh are the two major players in the film and everyone just shows up at a little bits in time during the film.

Visually this film does a good job.  Cronenberg does a great job directing films and he does a good job of keeping the worlds in this film separate.  And he does a great job writing this story as well, Cronenberg is a solid writer as well as director.  The futuristic technology in the film is kind of lacking as it is a sci-fi film.  But it combines action with an un-sci-fi feel for this sci-fi film.

It is a little bit less of a great film as compared to Cronenberg’s other works, at least in the eyes of the critics.  The film is a lot of fun and the twists are great, but it doesn’t have the depth of man of those films like Dark City and The Matrix.  Enjoyable but nothing extremely special, but you can watch it as a lot of fun which is what it is meant to be.

Entertainment Grade: B

Critical Grade: C+

Overall Grade: B-


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