April 24, 2010



This serious masterpiece delves into new depths when it comes to films.  Oh, wait, wrong film, this is a mindless action film that adds to the action with more action and a little more action.  The whole point of this film is the put the main character into as many absurd action packed films as possible and it doesn’t disappoint.  This film doesn’t have a great story, it doesn’t have great action, but it is extremely enjoyably B.

The story starts with Chev Chelios, a professional hitman, coming to and finding out that his enemies have inject him with a drug that is going to kill him.  The only thing that will potentially keep him alive long enough is to keep his adrenaline up.  Chev uses this fun fact to go off looking for the people who are trying to kill him.  What can be more pulse pounding then chasing down the guys who are trying to kill you?  He goes crazy while trying to hunt down the man who poisoned him keeping the action going non-stop.  He stands up while riding a motorcycle, he does it with his girlfriend in the street, he goes into a bar that he knows if full of crooks to start a fight, there are so many other things that he does that you can’t keep track of.  The stunts are non-stop in this film and while the story isn’t deeply developed there aren’t any major plot holes and it is so much fun you really don’t care.

The acting in this film really doesn’t matter.  In terms of being a good actor, Jason Statham isn’t all that bad, but he is mainly in this film for his ability to do all of the stunts.  He has made a name for himself with films like The Transporter for his ability to rock an action film and he can act for someone in that genre with films like Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, and The Bank Job.  His girl friend is played by Amy Smart who isn’t all that great an actress is definitely a pretty face for a film like this one.  She does her job being that.  The rest of the talent really doesn’t matter.  Statham is the one who is constantly on the screen and a film like this isn’t about the acting.

Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine direct and write this film, and who directed and wrote another film I reviewed, The Gamer.  This film is definitely better and they have a real talent shooting action sequences.  They keep it much more straight forward then films like The Bourne Identity and its subsequent series and for that reason is more enjoyable.  You don’t get the same confusion from the action which is so acclaimed in the Bourne films.  They also keep a fast pounding sound track behind this film that keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat watching the action that unfolds.

A serious film this is not, but it is so much fun to watch.  The sequel, Crank: High Voltage, keeps this tradition alive of pointless action films that are a ton of fun to watch.  Jason Statham really makes this film, he is the current action hero in film and you almost want to pay to see his films just to see the stunts that he will do.  Only Tony Jaa could compared, but he hasn’t come to mainstream US yet.  This is a good film to watch on a Saturday night when all you want to do is relax, not think, and enjoy a weekend.

Entertainment Grade: A

Critical Grade: D

Overall Grade: C+


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