April 25, 2010



This film really rips off Stephen King’s book Cell.  A quite B movie with a little A talent in it, but it fails to deliver as a horror film.  It is about one of two or three films that came out with this sort of idea.  Technology taking over isn’t anything new, but there are good ways to work with this and there are bad ways, Terminator was good, the book, Cell, was good, and this film was poor.

The story starts with a college student who disappears after hacking into a computer of Douglas Ziegler who was working on a wireless system.  This system and program that Ziegler created and the student releases ends up being a fairly malevolent force that saps the will to live out of people.  Mattie, the girl friend of the student who releases the system, works with a new acquaintance, Dexter, to try and find some way to stop this system.  They come across a developer named Josh who comes up with a possible solution.  They create a virus which they have to take into the center of the wireless system, which, of course, tries to protect itself.  It works, but the system reboots itself and then the onslaught on humanity again.  The film ends with a voice over from Mattie talking about how humanity is going to have to regress with less technology in order to win.

The acting in this film is very B.  Kristen Bell stars in this film as Mattie.  She is a pretty talented actress who hasn’t done a ton of great roles because she has been type cast as the sweet smart, tough, pretty gals as in Veronica Mars.  The rest of the acting is pretty unknown.  Christina Milian also shows up as a very attractive actress.  And all the male leads are pretty poor.  Jonathan Tucker and Ian Somerhalder are the two male leads, but it really isn’t good performances at all.

It is sad that Wes Craven, a master of horror, ends up helping with the screenwriting in this film.  People won’t know that he is attached to this film, but it is a sad thing that he is.  In a film like this you don’t expect to get much out of your talent and Jim Sonzero, the director, doesn’t take advantage of any of this.  At a few points in time there is some solid CGI, but overall there isn’t anything to talk about critically from the visual standpoint.  It is a very darkly shot film, which I guess isn’t a bad thing, but it fails at anything more then that.

This is an unintentional B movie, but with some B films, that is a good thing.  In this case it is a very bad thing.  Kristen Bell really doesn’t seem to care all that much about the film, and she is the one bit of real acting talent.  This film doesn’t work enough even as a mindless film just to enjoy, a film like The Crazies, is much better then that.  A decent story, but overall it is very boring with a couple of highlight sections and none of them are even all that special.

Entertainment Grade: C-

Critical Grade: D

Overall Grade: D



  1. peder, i enjoy reading your reviews. but i am going to present you a challenge. try not to use the word “solid” in every review.

    also, you should review doctor who episodes.

  2. haha. do a ctrl+F and type in the word solid on your homepage and see how often it is used.

    that is awesome. Peder, you are solid!

  3. It was only sixteen times, if you count “solidly” which I think is a solid number 😉

    I’ll come up with another couple of words to use along with “solid” how does that sound.

    I should review some Doctor Who, that is a solid idea.

  4. Have you been watching undercover brother? they say “solid” all the time. its a catchphrase. its also your catchphrase. does that make you an undercover brother? i think so.

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