Dog Soldiers

May 14, 2010

Dog Soldiers

Dog Soliders

Neil Marshall’s first film and possibly my favorite film of his.  This is really a B sort of horror film with werewolves, but a great B horror film.  It doesn’t really launch into a new area of werewolves like Ginger Snaps, but it keeps in the classic werewolves, and is all about fighting them off.

It starts with a routine, boring, military exercise in the middle of Scotland.  Things start to go wrong when they find the remains of another special ops team that has been torn apart.  They see werewolves out in the woods and they take refuge in a small cabin where Megan lives in her family cabin.  The werewolves circle around the house and the soldiers are forced to fight them off and try and find a way to escape, because they aren’t within range to contact anyone else.  They make an attempt for a vehicle in a barn, but that fails.  When their ammunition starts to run low they find out that Megan hasn’t been completely honest about why she lives out int he house.

The acting in this film isn’t all that impressive, Emma Cleasby plays Megan, and it is a pretty boring performance.  The acting isn’t all that important though, because this is a strong horror/action film.  Sean Pertwee and Kevin McKidd are the two main military men in this film and they are strong in the terms of their action.  They come across as extremely intense.  The whole military team is intense as well, and the action sequences are a little bit hokey and the werewolves don’t look extremely great at times and at times they look very good.

Visually this is a decent film.  It struggles at times do to the small budget that it had with visual effects but Marshall does a good job of creating a dark and intense creature feature.  This, along with The Descent shows that Marshall really knows how shoot a horror film and how to show it off.  I love the fact that it is set in a tiny little area, I think that it is a good thing for a horror film, the sense of feeling trapped makes it much more intense.  It also helps that this isn’t a teen driven film, so many horror films, since they are targeted towards teens, end up being full of teens and just annoying everyone watching the film.

This is a B horror film, but it is a very good B horror film.  It doesn’t rely stupid slasher action sequences or annoying deformed human monsters that show up in so many horror films.  Neil Marshall is definitely a one of the better horror directors out there and I look forward to see more of his work, which should be coming out next year.  One of the better werewolf films outt here, so it is definitely worth checking out.

Entertainment Grade: A-

Critical Grade: B+

Overall Grade: B+


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