May 6, 2011


This film might be second only to the first Iron Man when it comes to Marvel world films.  It is put together so nicely and precisely the fact that the dialog is hokey at points in time isn’t really noticeable, and the fact that the plot might not be 100% solid is also easy to gloss over.  It simply is a fun action/adventure super hero film that is a blast to watch.  Kenneth Branagh does a great job putting this all down onto the screen.

The story is that of how Thor gets banished from Asgard and the story of his redemption.  Thor is a brash young prince who is more of a warrior than a leader and who can’t see how his father’s, Odin, rule is so strong when he doesn’t show off his force.  When Asgard in infiltrated by ice giants, Thor along with his brother Loki and some of Thor’s closest friends decide to disobey Odin and solve the problems themselves.  Things go wrong and Thor is banished from Asgard to Midgard (Earth) and separated from his hammer, Mjillnar.  Odin enchants that hammer that only someone with the heart of Thor can lift it.  Thor tries, but fails.  It isn’t until he sacrifices himself for the good of others that his hammer returns to him.  When that happens he has to deal with the disarray that has fallen on Asgard under Loki’s rule.

The acting in this film is surprisingly strong.  Chris Hemsworth really fits into the role of Thor and even with some very corny lines, he delivers them in such a way that they are believable, especially in the Earth setting.  There are a few other characters who are really strong, Stellan Skarsgard and Kat Dennings both outshine Natalie Portman as the humans who befriend Thor.  Skarsgard is very good in his role as playing an older wiser professor who is doing research with Portman’s character, and Kat Dennings has some great one-liners that she delivers as Portman’s intern.  Asgard also has some solid characters, Tom Hiddleston oozes with the kind of charm and cunning that Loki should have.  And Anthony Hopkins gives a good performance as Odin.  The whole cast just seems to have gelled together.

Technically Kenneth Branagh has done a good job with this film.  The script is a little bit rough at times with the dialog and the plot doesn’t hold together perfectly, but for the most part it works extremely well, and Branagh has taken the short comings and hid them quite well.  He got a ton out of the talent that he was given for the film and while this film has a lighter feel than some superhero films, most notably the Batman films, it is clear to see many tie ins to other Marvel universe films.  There is a reference to the Hulk, an appearance by Hawkeye, and references to Tony Stark as well.  Visually it is fun as well, Asgard doesn’t completely hold together in terms of CGI, but it has a royal grandeur that one would expect from the home of the Norse Gods, and the town in New Mexico where Thor lands is spot on for the comics.

Overall this was a better film than I was expecting, even with Rotten Tomatoes showing the top critic rating at 80%, I had heard about a few struggles with the dialog and plot and figured I might have issue with that.  But they do a very good job of glossing it over and making it very very fun to watch, which fits very well into the world that was created for Tony Stark.  It is very much worth checking out if you want to see the first giant film of the summer, and this is probably going to be one of the better ones and deservedly so.

Entertainment Grade: A

Critical Grade: B+

Overall Grade: A-


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  1. Its a good movie 🙂

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