50 Movies in 100 Days: Goon

January 21, 2013


This is a sports movie that has it’s few feel good moments, but it is a hockey movie and it is a hockey movie with cursing, disgusting hockey players.  It is crass and ugly and hilarious.  It is what something like Semi-Pro wanted to be, but did partially, Goon pulls no punches and is a guys sort of comedy.

The plot is that the Goon is a disappointment to his family, he isn’t a doctor like his dad and brother, he is a bouncer at a hockey bar.  He’s friends with a crazy person who is obsessed with hockey and hockey fights.  They go to a game and one of the opposing players climbs out of the penalty box and gets knocked out.  The Goon then gets a tryout to a city/state league team, and he becomes their enforcer in a hockey league that is more about fighting then actually playing hockey.  His ability to punch and take a punch gets him on the radar of a minor league hockey team who needs an enforcer to help a shaken goal machine who has lost touch with his game.  It progresses like you’d normally expect, lots of absurd hockey moments, a girl, and beating the crap out of opposing hockey players.  They eventually get into a playoff push for the first time in a long time, and the Goon has to face off against the old Goon who is finishing up a long career in the NHL and in the minors.

Acting is pretty average for your comedy.  Seann William Scott stars as the Goon and he does a solid job in the role, it isn’t really any stretch for him as he normally plays the slightly crazy person who doesn’t quite get everything.  Jay Baruchel plays his crazy friend.  Really, it is mainly crass jokes without any depth behind the characters with most of them being stereotypes.  The love interest, Allison Pill, isn’t too bad in the film, seems very similar to her role in Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.

In terms of filming and music, this is basically what you expect it to be, doesn’t have any special tricks that set it apart.  What makes it better than a film, in my opinion, like Talladega Nights or Semi Pro is that it doesn’t pull punches, it is proud with being crass and its R rating.  Plus it doesn’t have Will Ferrell which helps a lot as well.  Seann William Scott is better this type of roll and Ferrell is.

This film probably isn’t for everyone, it makes a lot of the same jokes over and over again, just taking it a step or two farther each time, but it is funny in its deliveries, and the Canadian portrayals in the film are quite funny.  It is a good mindless comedy that is worth watching, preferably while drinking, which they do a lot of the film.

Critical Grade: C-

Entertainment Grade: B-

Overall Grade: C+


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