50 New Movies in 100 Days: Video Game High School

January 21, 2013

Video Game High School (2012)

The name really says it all, it is about a high school where all the elite video game players go.  It is actually fairly funny and pulls on different stereotypical reactions to different games, they have racing, FPS, rhythm, street fighter, and other types of games as the high school.  They do a good job of creating different types of gamers as well, yes, there are more hot girls than there would be at an actual video game high school, but that’s besides the point.

The story is of a nerdy kid who likes the play video games, which everyone does in this time.  He even gets mugged on his way home from school, prior to going to VGHS, so that the bullies of the school and steal some equipment he had spent months farming (and if you don’t know what that means, that is okay).  His life changes drastically when he kills The Law, who is the top gamer in the world and at VGHS, in an FPS, he gets an invite to VGHS.  He thinks it is going to be great, but it ends up being just like every other high school, parties sure, cliques, and hazing.  Things don’t go as planned and he ends up being eliminated from the school, by doing too poorly in some games.  He has one last chance to redeem himself.  He nearly does, but then the Law comes back in a grudge match to take him out.

The acting in this film is actually fairly entertaining.  All of the students are really caricatures of gamers, some of them so full of themselves, some of them clueless, and for that reason it is a fun mess.  Ellary Porterfield is actually extremely good in the film.  She is similar to Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter in some ways, but while she is ditsy and often having hear head in the clouds she has a sweet personality and is quite funny.  Jimmy Wong is also funny as a secondary character, an RA at the school.  The main characters are pretty good, but like I said, they isn’t a ton of depth in any of the characters, but there are funny.

Visually is where this film rocks, in the video games characters are the actors themselves, and the moves are much better than they are now, even though the computer equipment (at least keyboard and mouse) are the same as they were.  But when they are killed in game, you get the screen flash in 8 bit look, which is fun.  It comes off as something about this time, but is from the future at the same times.  They don’t miss a beat with whatever game they are in it looks similar to what we have now and then ends up being the actual people in it.  It does take a weird Casablanca-esque twist for part of it, in a side episode when the main character is kicked out of school, but it is forgivable, barely.

This is a fun film, it is worth checking out if you are a nerd.  Everything about this film is nerdy and funny that way.  It is put together well compared to other films that try and push this envelope, and compared to something like The Gamer, which I enjoyed, it is a better film with everything slightly more thought through.  Sure it is a high school film, but they do it well.

Critical Grade: C+

Entertainment Grade: B+

Overall Grade: B



  1. I watched it when it was a web series, and my first impression was that it was awesome. Though it felt rather kiddish when i finally watched all the episodes combined as a film, but it didn’t feel that way when watched part by part.

    • That makes so much sense, I didn’t know that it was a web series before being put all together.

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