50 New Movies in 100 Days: TiMER

January 23, 2013


This is probably my favorite film that I’ve seen in this 50 movies in 100 Days.  It is quirky good dark indie comedy.  It is set in the future when a new invention matches people tot he one that they are meant to be.  You get a TiMER imbedded in your arm.  Overall it is really dark and works really well.

Uma is a gal who is turning 30 and whose TiMER hasn’t started yet.  They only start when the other person gets theirs as well.  So she is tracking down guys without a TiMER, dating them, then getting them to get a TiMER to see if both of theirs start and match-up.  So far she hasn’t had any luck and he is constantly obsessed with trying to find someone.  In comparison her sister Steph knows when she’ll meet her true love, and it is 40 years away, so she is enjoying life while she can.  She convinces her sister to just enjoy life a little bit and have a one night stand, she has one with a guy with a TiMER that says he’s going to meet his true love in a little more than three months.  It turns out that his TiMER is a fake and they fall for each other.  In a final act of defiance Uma and Steph decide to get their TiMER’s removed, and just when Uma’s is about to be removed it starts counting down at five hours.  She decides to keep and then the dark tragic side of comedy starts.

The acting performances are pretty good in the film.  Michelle Borth and Emma Caulfield star as Steph and Uma respectively and their performances are good.  Emma Caulfield, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, does a particularly  good job acting desperate and obsessed with the TiMER’s.  John Patrick Amedori is good in the role of a young rocker with the fake TiMER and he does a good job of holding stuff together and falling apart at the end.

Visually this is a pretty good film, it has the look of an indie film.  They keep it simple without trying to build a futuristic looking world, everything seems to be set in a time very similar to now with a few minor changes, like the TiMER, people are still acting like people do now a day.  It is a well constructed film and nicely dark.

Like I said, this is the favorite of the films that I’ve watched thus far in the 50 new movies in 100 days.  It is my type of film, the dark and quirky with a hint of tragedy towards the end.  It is well put together and has a number of good laughs in it without being a film that tries and pull out the same tired jokes.  The concept is smartly put together and the acting performances are actually quite good.

Critical Grade: B-

Entertainment Grade: A-

Overall Grade: B+


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