50 Movies in 100 Days: Curse of the Puppet Master

February 17, 2013

Curse of the Puppet Master

This movie was just pretty flat out bad.  A mad man who was getting people to carve puppets and then would put their souls into them and us them to commit murder if need be.  Overall, can’t think of anything that was all that redeeming about it.  I think that I would put the one good thing from it was the opening scene/credits where there were tons of living puppets and they looked wonderfully creepy, but beyond that, nothing redeeming.

The story is that a man runs a puppet/amusement shop sort of thing mainly with puppets.  A few of them are normal puppets with strings, but many of them are living puppets which do their tricks.  His daughter comes back to college and looking for an old hired hand, her father said he left.  He finds a new puppet maker and his daughter falls for him.  There is a group of jerks in the town which go after the daughter including breaking into the house.  However things go sideways when one of the living puppets save her.  Her father then takes a number of the puppets and goes and kills the jerk.  Well, he watches, and the puppets kill.  The new puppet maker is now pouring himself completely into his work and falls sick, so the owner sends his daughter off to get a fictitious item of the puppet fair thingy and he puts the puppet maker into a new mechanical robot puppet thing, so that there would be a better interface or something like that, it is hard to understand it all.  The daughter comes back and his horrified, and then her father is sucked into something and the film ends.

I’m going to lump the acting, direction, sound, etc, all into one fell swoop, this film had no one of note in it, and you can see why with how lousy the film is.  The one thing the film had going for it was that some of the puppets looked creepy beyond that the whole look and feel of the film was nothing to write home about.  The acting was nondescript and the characters about as boring as you can get with no  reasonable plot development or character development throughout the whole thing.  The jerks were jerks simply because they were jerks, the puppet master probably is explained in some of the earlier puppet master films, but is a weak character, his daughter is dull and there is nothing going for this film acting wise.  The plot is predictable, which at times can be okay if it is done well, but this wasn’t, and you can have a predictable plot with interesting characters, but these characters like previously stated weren’t interesting.

Now, normally I’m one to like this sort of horror film, but there are a rare occasion during a film series where nothing is entertaining and with this film, there isn’t anything that is entertaining.  If you want to see the puppets that are alive, watch one of the many other puppet master movies and skip this one.

Critical Grade: D

Entertainment Grade: D-

Overall Grade: D



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