50 Movies in 100 Days: The Order of the Black Eagle

February 22, 2013

The Order of the Black Eagle

This is a late 80’s parody of James Bond, it is somewhat funny from time to time, but ends up being more of a drag than anything else.  The main character is actually pretty good, but the story just seems to drag on and on.  The Jax is kind of closer to Clouseau than to James Bond, but in a comedy that should work.

The story starts with a Nazi group kidnapping a scientist to try and take over the world.  The best spy is brought in to try and take them down, Duncan Jax, along with the help of Tiffany, a blond Interpol agent.  They manage to infiltrate the gang and find out that as well as using a laser beam to destroy countries, they are planning on bringing Hitler back from the dead.  Duncan escapes, but Tiffany is captured, and Duncan meets up with some people he’s worked with before.  They manage to get back and defeat the Nazi’s and blow everything up at the last moment.

Like I said, for the most part the acting is suspect, and everything in it is pretty suspect.  Ian Hunter is actually pretty entertaining as an actor in this film, he is obviously a caricature of James Bond trying to be as suave as possible, and then ends up being nearly a complete failure.  The other actors are pretty blah.

This movie almost seems like it had a decently sized budget, not because there is any actual talent in the film, but because everything seems really cheesy, and like they try and make something that is pretty grand.  The music in the film is pretty awesome 80’s sound, but overall not that hot. And it kind of just rambles on and on through many a different character and plot line.

This is one of those 80’s films that had a fair amount of potential but ends up being pretty much a failure.  The plot is kind of entertaining at least as a premise, but ends up being a failure as the characters are absurd, and it isn’t all that entertaining.  It has some jokes on it, but for the most part it seems to take itself more seriously than it should, or maybe more so it just is a poorly written joke.

Critical Grade: D-

Entertainment Grade: D+

Overall Grade: D


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