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50 Movies in 100 Days: Iron Sky

January 27, 2013

Iron Sky

This is a film that I had heard about 6 months or so, when I happened to track down the trailer on-line.  Nazi’s with a secret moon base and coming back to take over Earth in this time, what could go wrong? It was somewhere between great and terrible, there were elements to it that were hilarious, and awesome but it got bogged down in a movie that clearly shouldn’t have any message or ideals, when it clearly tried to have some.  Those points in time were basically a waste in time, but there were many moments where that wasn’t the case.

The US has sent two men back tot he moon during a presidential election year to try and bolster the public support for the president who is a poorly done caricature of Sarah Palin, which was funny in concept but much less successful in execution.  One of them is captured, who is an African-American model, and he is studied in the Nazi base.  He says that he knows the President, so the Nazi’s turn him white, and take him to Earth on a mission to plan their attack.  Things don’t go all that well as one of the Nazi’s, who has studied Earth, ends up realizing the Nazi’s aren’t the good guys like she thought.  The Nazi invasion happens, and things don’t go all that well for them.  The US has a space ship with weapons, going against a treaty, and then it turns out that almost every country does, minus Greece.  Things almost work out, but then the Nazi’s use a tablet computer to power up their Helium-3 weapon, but the Nazi who has become good and the model manage to stop the massive weapon that the Nazi’s have built.

The acting performances in this film are pretty hilarious.  The actress who plays the Sarah Palin president, Stephanie Paul, looks like Palin, but really isn’t all that good an actress and is given predictable lines to work with over and over and over again.  Christopher Kirby, as the model actually does a hilarious job, he has great lines, and performs them well doing the opposite thing that Robert Downey Jr did in Tropic Thunder.  The rest of the actors were pretty good, Julia Dietz, as the good Nazi, aren’t bad, they go overboard a lot in the lines that they are given.

This film is shot primarily in grey tones, which was annoying at first, but actually works fairly well.  The Nazi’s, on the moon, are very clueless as to how life on Earth is now, so there are many old fashioned things that make the filming in grey tones actually pretty good.  They also work in a lot of older sounding songs into the film.  Timo Vuorensola hasn’t done anything else that is all that notable, but seems to be working on films now or attached to films that sound basically like this film.

This was supposed to be a better film, but there were a few things that went really wrong.  It got preachy at time mocking the USA in not all that funny a way, it had some potential, and they could have poked great fun at Sarah Palin, but they just did a poor job of it.  The best way to put it would be that they are trying to make a joke, but it comes across in joke form that they really mean exactly everything they are saying, so the insults which are jokes are actually insults, and it comes off as way to forced.  This was especially sad since it could have been a hilarious film and kept much more straight forward.  I was hoping for a film that was somewhat campy and had lots of absurd action and lines.  It had enough of that to make me glad I watched it, and it is one that I might watch from time to time, but it could have been much better and while not being great something I would watch over and over again, like G.I. Joe: Rise of Cobra.

Critical Grade: C-

Entertainment Grade: C+

Overall Grade: C