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50 New Movies in 100 Days: Season of the Witch

February 2, 2013

Season of the Witch

This is Nicolas Cage and  Ron Perlman as two knights in the middle ages having to fight against a witch, what could go wrong.  Well, technically many things, but surprisingly very few of them did.  It is a goofy movie filled with hilarious lines that are completely out of place and time.  It isn’t as good as Drive Angry but it is is pretty awesome.

The story starts with telling of a book that can bury witches permanently and anything else supernatural and evil.  Then we meet Damien, Cage, and Felson, Perlman, two knights who fight in the crusades and in other church missions.  They end up leaving when they realize that they have killed women and innocent children in their time.  They wander around for a while before coming to a city with the black plague.   The plague is being caused by a witch.  They end up finding out that there is one remaining book in a nearby monastery and they go there with the witch, a priest, and a couple of soldiers.  They face several hardships along the way, but end up making it to the monastery.  However, nothing is quite as it seems, and there is a larger plan in place.

The acting is what you’d expect, Perlman and Cage are pretty good and hilarious.  It is Nicolas Cage as Nicolas Cage in the film like in Drive Angry.  Perlman is definitely a fun actor to watch, his performance was somewhere along the lines of Hellboy and Mutant Chronicles, playing the tough guy and kicking lots of butt.  This is obviously not a film about the acting though with having Cage as a leading man, and none of the rest of the performances were anything of note, and even Cage and Perlman weren’t anything special, they are just very recognizable names.

Directing wise, it seems like a mid-level blockbuster, they had some money to make the film, and there were points in time when there was solid special effects, but maybe because it isn’t like Transformers where everything is special effects, it didn’t seem to rely as heavily on them.  Perlman and Cage both looked fairly out of place in the time period of the film.  Some of the other actors seemed to carry that role much better, but when it is Cage being Cage, you don’t watch it for the authenticity of the piece.

This is a fun film that got universally destroyed by the critics, sitting at 10% on rotten tomatoes, but I think that has more to do now with people liking to use Cage as a punch line for jokes than for anything else.  This was a pointless, mindless film that had some fun action, and slightly clever storyline, and dialog from the year 2011 set back in 1345 or so.  It isn’t meant to be anything more than pointless popcorn flick, and when viewed as that, it really isn’t that bad a film.  There isn’t anything that stands out as special, but there isn’t anything laughably bad, such as in Wickerman.

Critical Grade: D

Entertainment Grade: B-

Overall Grade: C-